Version 3.3.2 is now available as a Beta release. Please click here for the download form.  Please read the notes below.


1) I have tested this software for a long time, but since it is a new version of the software, you should backup your verse card data files before installing the Beta version.  In order to do this, you would go to the folder called "C:\Program Files\Scripture Memory System" and  make a copy of all the files which start with "v-".

2) If you use the Beta release of the Scripture Memory System, please return here and send me your feedback.  Thanks.

3)  The following is a list of changes which have been incorporated into this new version:

3.3.2 05/22/2004 Minor revision to program:
  • A few spelling errors fixed
  • Added ability to import verse card files distributed at  This is a newly introduced site which offers Bible verse cards in PDF format as well as in a format which can be imported into the Scripture Memory System.
3.3.1 04/28/2004 Major revision to program:
  • Added Self Study Centre.  This new feature allows the user to select a set of verses, optionally print a set of verse cards and then report to the computer their daily progress. This is an alternative to typing the verse into the computer to be tested on how well you know the verses.
  • Allow user to select background colour.
  • Teacher mode now gives its spoken  instructions in either English or German.  All instructions and information on the screen is still displayed in English, but this is the first step in providing a program in more than one language.
  • Bible book names can be entered either in English or German. Other languages to follow.
  • Added an updated version of the essay called 'How To Study The Bible' in the help section.
  • Added a new printing option to print chapters along one side of a page.
  • Expanded on the idea of the 'Quiz' (now called daily review).  There are several methods the computer can use to select a group of verses for you to review, based on date last reviewed, previous recall performance, etc.
  • Daily review selections can now be saved to a file so they can be used again later (Along with the printouts)
  • Added a function which will clear test scores, etc. from verse card files.
  • Unwanted verse card files can now be deleted.
  • Refined the methods the program can use to categorize a verse as 'New', 'In Progress', 'Memorized' or 'Mastered'.  The computer can promote/demote verses through these categories based on a number of criteria such as recall performance, and the number of times reviewed.  This is an attempt to create a method to set aside verses you know well and review the hard ones more often.
  • Scripture Memory System Organizer now allows you to print worksheets.
  • Fixed a serious bug which caused a 'invalid property value' while changing verses.
  • Added a user definable 'low score' which the computer uses to decide if it should record your recall of a verse.
  • Various other small changes/fixes to most every part of the program to make it run smoother.

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